The Organized Assembly Station:

Accessibility and Organization of Cabling


The importance of organization in an assembly operation can’t be overstated. Organized workstations increase efficiency and safety. Depending on the type of assembly operation, there will likely be a variety of tools, components and cords that will have to be available when needed, but out of the way when not being used. Retractable cord reels are a great way to keep cabling for power, data and signal neatly stored when not in use, and easily accessible when required.


Retractable cabling solutions also make mounting organized cords on a pegboard, wall, rolling cart or workstation simple and secure. Some of Konnectronix’s retractable cord reels are available in both flush mount and bracket mount configurations, making it possible to install the retractable cabling on different surfaces and configurations. The cord reel can be installed with ergonomics in mind, with a goal toward minimizing awkward bending or reaching.


Whether your facility follows Six Sigma, 5S or other efficiency best practices, retractable cabling for power, data or signal is a great solution to implement to minimize time spent organizing cords or handling issues created by unorganized work spaces.

organized assembly station


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