We Are Konnectronix.

The team of employees at Konnectronix is dedicated to meeting customer requirements and exceeding market expectations in terms of innovation, quality, product delivery and service. The company exhibits its corporate responsibility to maintaining legal and industry requirement, minimizing environmental impact and focusing processes on pollution prevention. Konnectronix continuously strives to meet its objectives and targets in order to support overall company growth and customer satisfaction.


We strive to have a diverse, exciting, and collaborative environment which fosters innovation and creativity while upholding standards for excellence in manufacturing and design. At Konnectronix, we are focused on customer needs, company evolution, and environmental responsibility, which is all just a part of our mission statement, guiding everything that we do. If this sounds like an environment in which you would thrive, we would love to hear from you.


We're always looking for innovative members to join our team. Should this list below not include a position that fits your skill set, feel free to reach out to discuss further opportunities.





Konnectronix offers all employees competitive compensation and benefit packages. For more specific information, please view our opportunities below.




The minute you start working here, you become an integral part of Konnectronix and its future.


Every job at Konnectronix is important, and you play a key role in the continued growth of our Company.

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