Konnectronix is a technology design and manufacturing company that creates product solutions for highly regulated industries in collaboration with new and existing customers. The company also works to identify and address unmet market needs with innovative product development under the Konnectronix and PowerPost EVSE brands or in partnership with market leaders.


Explore the possibilities with us.

Over our 29-year history, our experience in cord reel technology and advanced product design and development has enabled our customers to deliver millions of successful products worldwide. Sharing our technology and our partner network with our customers allows us to work shoulder to shoulder in an inspiring environment based on trust.


Consider Konnectronix an extension of your engineering and manufacturing team by allowing us to take on all, or just a part, of your project. While our teams are adept at managing large long-term project engagements, we also excel at complex, low-volume, specialized projects that are difficult to outsource.


Together we can make things better.





The end result of joint exploration is the development of novel products that have, over the years, benefited such diverse industries as automotive, retail security, medical, communications, hospitality, and aerospace, as well as the consumers they serve.


Proven technology, flexible design platforms, high customer satisfaction, and long-term relationships with the right partner network make Konnectronix the ideal partner for entrepreneurial companies seeking to be first to the global product market.


In 1989, our company was founded as Telefonix, Inc., with the first product launch being the company’s retractable phone cabling solution, Handicord (R). From there, the company expanded in a number of markets, most notably aerospace, point-of-purchase-security, and Electrical Vehicle charging (EVSE). Our retractable cabling technology has also been incorporated into many diverse and unexpected applications. It was incorporated into the first wheelchair that transitioned a patient from sitting to standing, our retractable cabling for telephones has made its way into the Presidential motorcade, and another solution found its way into the La Scala Opera House in Milan. Now, as Konnectronix, Inc, we're excited to continue our tradition of excellence and product innovation in our increasingly connected world.


Together we can make things better.


A new name, the same values, a reimagined vision.

NEARLY 30 years of history

This December, our company embarked on an exciting change in direction selling all of its assets in the aerospace industry and re-branding the company Konnectronix, to be better reflect our focus and future. Rest assured that while our name may have changed, the values that we hold and the products that we create have not changed. Please contact us if you want to hear more about recent events and our exciting path forward.



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