Electric vehicles are not the future.

They are the now.


They are the key to other future innovations that are changing much beyond the way we drive, they're changing the way we live. As we’ve reflected on our time at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in January, we outline how manufacturers of electronics for the home, vehicle, body, and more see our future.


Focus on environmental impact

Byton’s digital lounge concept EV features facial recognition and is Alexa-enabled

Zero emissions Kia

Self-driving EV concept that ‘learns’ its drivers

Fuel cell technology

Mercedes compact concept has one electric motor at the front axle and one at the rear

A Formula 1 hybrid concept from Mercedes Benz AMG is designed to go from racetrack to road

Mercedes’ Smart idea for efficient urban mobility

Ready to sell, production model of intelligent car released by Chinese manufacturer Xpeng

Electric pick up truck delivers on utility and environmental consciousness

Toyota’s idea of a car we’ll drive in 2030... but it’s not fully autonomous

Korean one passenger EV

Electric and autonomous big rigs

An electric sportscar for under $10,000

The Nissan Leaf is still winning awards (a CES Innovations award in this case)

Ride this robot to the store, hop off, load it up and walk beside it to your home or car.

Regulate household appliances automatically according to your living habits.

Artificial Intelligence doorbell greets visitors for you and lets you know when you’re needed.

Most people don’t realize that the autonomous vehicle movement would not be possible without EV technology. What will we be able to do while some things are automatically done for us?

Smart electric radiators are controlled based on characteristics of each room and users’ lifestyles.

Never worry about flooding again with smart water assistant shutoff by Phyno.

This environmental monitoring device by Sensio Air monitors air quality, and notifies users via app when allergens have exceeded safe amounts and could possibly trigger a reaction.

Stop worrying.

Flow Home Water and Control monitor protects the house by being able to shut off the water, as well as monitor use within the home.

Stay comfortable.

Enjoy personal assistance.

Have your desk monitor activity, or even make your coffee or call you a cab.

Robots for everything people do now, including educate, take care of elders and more. It's a small wonder!

Machine learning and AI tell you what to wear in the morning to make sure you’re on-trend.

Do you still tip the Dominos delivery person when they’re in an autonomous delivery vehicle?

The Motobot controls and rides the motorcyle, the future of race track gambling.

You don’t even need to plug in, just drive over and charge.

Manage your garage.

Elvi is an Alexa controller charger that can go ahead and get your car charging when you tell it to.

Integrated lifts for your smart garage allow you to remove the top of your Jeep or hoist bikes, making ceiling hooks a thing of the past.

Connections are going far beyond traditional devices; the world is becoming one big connected ecosystem.

In the home.

Control home appliances while in bed with this smart, connected alarm clock.

Connected refrigerator lets you shop, entertain and keep your family's schedule all in one place.

There are few things left in the home that don’t have a smart, connected option.

Luxury door handlesets enable remote locking and unlocking via bluetooth.

Set preferences for all of your bathroom appliances and control them with your voice.

Smart security systems continue to evolve and lets users be connected 24/7.

Through the eyes of cameras.

Weatherproof, wireless and rugged doorbell camera with facial recognition.

Night vision enabled, weatherproof camera with two-way audio.

Smart cities need smart street lighting: remote control of individual light control and more.

Around town.

Connected e-bike for next-gen riding.

A handlebar that connects to your phone, delivering smart navigation cues.

In industrial settings.

Connected solution for industrial applications- connectivity is not just for the home.

Rush hour traffic won’t matter when you hail an air taxi.

SureFly drone from Workforce.

Intel’s take on a flying taxi.

Flexibility is a theme in new innovations, whether in the type of transportation or ability to move around untethered.

Forget Uber. Hop in a chopper.

Freedom from the grid, detachment from the wall.

Wireless power that doesn’t keep you tethered to an outlet.

Furrion’s renewable energy tech gives people the ability to go off the grid.

Mobility made easier with a platform for carsharing.

Nexum e-bike is ready to be adopted for ride-sharing systems.

Choices for vehicles when you need them.

Catch some zzz’s while you get to where you’re going.

What will we do with all of our extra time when we can take our eyes off the road and hands off the wheel?

Sleep. In our vehicles or at home.

Customize sleep preferences for each person.

Philips announced tech that makes you feel more rested without increasing sleep duration.

Smart bedrooms mean a restful night's sleep.

Let light technology clean your toilet.

Apparently not doing chores.

The Jetsons are real. A robot maid.

Finally! A robot to fold our clothes!

Driving sweet electric roadsters. (Yes, we see the irony, too!)

A fully electric roadster.

An electric 3-wheeler that can travel 200 miles on a single charge.

Playing. Sometimes we crave retro among all of the new tech, other times we want future-crazy-cool.

Bringing us back to our gaming roots with a little Pong.

A walking Mech with its sights set on racing in the X1 Mech Racing League.

Learn. To code. To keep up with the new generation...and maybe design your new favorite gadget.

Root is a wall-climbing robot that kids can code to draw art and other fun activities.

Make your own self driving vehicle.

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