commercial ev charging stationAt Konnectronix we believe that electric vehicle charging should be simple; you don’t need to overthink or overspend. That’s why we are the only company who focuses exclusively on low current solutions for commercial parking lots or garages where cars are parked for two or more hours.


Our Level 1 and low current Level 2 commercial chargers maximize the use of the equipment over the parking duration, making them the best option for commercial charging on the market today.


Today, the same proven cord reel technology that Konnectronix has deployed in regulated in regulated industries for years is now designed and incorporated into the PowerPost™ EVSE product line, unique electric vehicle charging stations with a retractable power cord.


Now property and business owners can meet the charging needs of a growing number of electric vehicles in a way that’s convenient and easy for EV owners to use, and simple and affordable to install. It allows commuters to recapture the power lost getting to work while they are on the job, shopping or attending class.


The PowerPost EV charging station product line meets industry EVSE specifications and UL 2594 Certified for commercial use. It can be easily installed individually or daisy-chained to accommodate more EVs at one time.


Learn more by visiting www.PowerPostEVSE.com

commercial ev charging station

As an ISO 14000 certified company, environmental management is a key focus for Konnectronix. Our management strives to support and advance EV infrastructure within the US and abroad.


32/40AMP L2

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commercial ev charging station


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