Konnectronix, Inc. Exhibiting Broad Range of Cable Management Solutions and Ruggedized Outdoor Products for the Construction Industry


Waukegan, IL, March 9, 2020 – KonnectronixTM is exhibiting at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020, North America's largest construction trade show March 10-14, 2020 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company will be featuring myriad cable management solutions built over their 30+ year history that are improving reliability and efficiency for those in the construction industry.


"We're looking forward to meeting with those that need a more reliable and durable solution for ruggedized cable management, block heater solutions for outdoor installation, commercial EV charging, and more," said Paul Burke, President and CEO of Konnectronix. "We're adept at anticipating the needs of our construction industry clients as well as working with them to create customized solutions ideal for their particular use case."


Visit Konnectronix in Bronze Hall, B90819 to see the following:


Konnectronix is the creator of the premier moisture and spark proof power cord reel solutions, offered in platforms with varying sizes, lengths, and number of conductors. These solutions offer an uninterrupted signal transmission maintained by hard wire connections. By leveraging the company’s brushless cord reel design principals, the cord reels maintain the same ground as the cable itself for the life of the unit, making it a reliable and robust solution for the construction industry. Konnectronix also offers a fiber optic cord reel solution.


A dynamic special demonstration will be at the center of the Konnectronix booth. Exhibitors are encouraged to stop by to see a Konnectronix cord reel be tested in real time in an entertaining presentation.



Konnectronix offers quick turn production and prototype cable harnesses with specialty connectors, fiber optic connections, and specialty cable constructions with braided cable or mesh covers.



Konnectronix offers a block heater solution that can be mounted outdoors for use by trucks and buses while parked in the cold. The unique retractable cord keeps the cable off the ground, extending its life, and the patented brushless design makes it the most rugged, dependable solution.



The PowerPost™ EVSE product line features unique electric vehicle charging stations with a retractable power cord, reducing wear and tear from cords left laying on the ground.


A tidy and customizable solution, property and business owners can meet the charging needs of a growing number of electric vehicles in a way that’s convenient and easy for EV owners to use, and simple and affordable to install. The retractable cable keeps parking areas looking neat, while property owners can choose to install Level 1 or Level 2 charging. The PowerPost product line also features the ability to customize of the outside graphics and allows for between 1 and 4 charging stations to be available on one installed post. It enables commuters to recapture the power lost getting to work while they are on the job, shopping or attending class.


The PowerPost EV charging station product line meets industry EVSE specifications and UL 2594 Certified for commercial use. It can be easily installed individually or daisy-chained to accommodate more EVs at one time.



Konnectronix has a team of product design and development professionals to bring customized solutions to fruition. The company offers concept development to product engineering, prototyping (including 3D printing capabilities), to testing, manufacturing and assembly.



Konnectronix is a technology design and manufacturing company that creates product solutions for highly regulated and demanding industries in collaboration with new and existing customers. The company also works to identify and address unmet market needs with innovative product development under the Konnectronix and PowerPostTM EVSE brands or in partnership with market leaders. Contact [email protected] for more information.


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