Telefonix, Inc is Now Konnectronix, Inc.


Gurnee, IL, December 17, 2017 – Today, Telefonix, Inc. announced that it has formally changed its corporate name to Konnectronix, Inc., following the sale of its aerospace assets to Astronics Corporation earlier this month. The decision to change the corporate name was both a condition of the asset sale and a strategic rebranding decision by the company, which will continue to support all other product lines and markets that it serves. This momentous event marks a new beginning for the company as it prepares to enter its 29th year in business this January.


“We are excited about the future of Konnectronix, and look forward to sharing that future with the marketplace.  While there is a new name and logo, we have retained our 28-year history, our commitment to customers, and our drive for excellence.  Our products, while no longer on aircrafts, maintain the same caliber of quality, and we plan to continue the tradition of partnering with customers to drive mutual success,” commented one of the company’s founders, Paul Burke.


From the very beginning, we have understood the importance of innovative design, best-in-class manufacturing and a commitment to quality and customer service. These founding principals are at the core of everything we do – including our decision to focus our energies on our non-aerospace product lines and customers.


As always, the Burke family will be running the company and customers and partners should not experience any interruptions in service during this transition period. The company is moving the headquarters of Konnectronix to what used to be the company’s secondary facility in Gurnee, IL, where manufacturing has long been taking place and new offices have been established.


The team at Konnectronix is so grateful for the opportunity to continue to work with our customer base and grow our product lines in the Electric Vehicle Charging, Point-of-Purchase Security, Medical, Consumer and Industrial marketplaces.  This press release serves as a formal welcome to the Konnectronix family.






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