Three Chicago Tech Innovators - Product Development Technologies, Lynktec and Telefonix - Collaborate to Create Award Winning Backup Battery and Charger for Mobile Devices

The fruit of their collaboration was named a 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Innovations Awards Honoree and 'Staff Pick' on Kickstarter.


CHICAGO, Nov. 20, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Three Chicagoland firms - Product Development Technologies (PDT), Lynktec and Telefonix - have announced that their collaboration, the Reeljuice™ All-In-One Portable Power Solution, is now a staff pick on Kickstarter and has been named a 2015 Consumer Electronics Show Innovation Awards Honoree.


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The three companies have legacies of bringing product innovation to Chicago. PDT, a product design and development consultancy, has worked with some of the most prestigious brands in the world in creating new product solutions. Lynktec is the creator of the Apex Fine Point Active Stylus for iPads, which took Kickstarter by storm in 2013, raising more than 7 times its goal. Telefonix is a technology development and manufacturing firm specializing in highly regulated industries, and most recently best known for their collaboration with Chicago's GoGo® on the Gogo ACPU Advanced Airborne Server. PDT and Lynktec are also members of 1871, where Chicago's brightest digital designers, engineers and entrepreneurs work in a collaborative, community setting to develop new technologies and revolutionary new product solutions.


Lynktec partnered with PDT, a premier product innovation consultancy in Chicagoland, and Telefonix, who develops the cord reel technology found in over 80% of in-flight entertainment systems, to create the world's first backup battery for mobile devices with a fully retractable, 48-inch robust cord reel design.


Featuring a unique, dual-device charging capability, 10 Watt rapid wall charger, and 4,800 mAh or 10,400 mAh battery backup, it is the perfect companion for on-the-go charging. It has both micro-USB and lightning connectors, making it compatible to the vast majority of mobile devices.


Reeljuice is currently available to pre-order on Kickstarter for a limited time. Backers who support the project can take advantage of early discounts on either the Reeljuice 5k or 10k mAh version when they submit a pledge.


About Lynktec™:  The Lynktec team has a passion for design, gadgets, and all things tech. Established in 2011, Lynktec is a Chicago-based company whose members bring years of successful product design experience from the cellular marketplace. Lynktec strives to deliver innovative, award-winning products that fundamentally improve how consumers experience technology in their everyday lives. For more information, please go to


About PDT: PDT is a global, full-service product development firm with 120 employees worldwide. Team members have expertise in a wide range of product development disciplines, including strategy, scouting, design research, industrial design, user experience development, mechanical and electrical engineering, software development, and sourcing. PDT's award winning product designs have been recognized with more than 70 awards from authorities such as BusinessWeek, Fast Company, the Industrial Designers Society of America and The Consumer Electronics Association. For more information, please go to


About Telefonix: Telefonix is a design, manufacturing and management company with over 25 years of experience in highly regulated industries. Telefonix was founded on the strength of its retractable cabling technology, but with over 60 patents issued to date, the company has become a leader in technology development and execution for complex mechanical and electrical assemblies. By understanding the complex relationship between design and lifecycle management, the company excels at delivering products today that can be supported and upgraded tomorrow. Telefonix is headquartered in Waukegan, Ill. and is an AS9100, ISO9000, and ISO 14000 certified manufacturer. For more information, please go to






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