Thermal screening and state-of-the-art UVC disinfection tech for detecting and minimizing the spread of Coronavirus is exciting, but simple solutions are also smart


Building Design and Construction Magazine ran a fascinating article about new

high-tech products for addressing some of the new challenges COVID-19 is posing for

employers. Contrac, a UK-based technology solutions services provider, announced wearable

technology that alerts workers when they are in danger of violating social distancing

parameters, as well as a device that leverages UV light to kill viruses in the air and on


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At KonnectronixTM, we’re also working with customers to create solutions with our patented cord

reel technology to reduce human-to-human contact. Do you want to implement new ways of encouraging social distancing guidelines or reducing contact among people in your facility?


If you are looking to find ways to take advantage of retractable cord reel technology in your

business in innovative ways, let’s talk.

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