Konnectronix has long been designing unique retractable cord reel solutions for the consumer and office products markets. While the company’s launch product, Handicord®, was designed and marketed directly by Telefonix (former company name), most of our product solutions in this space have been integrated into customers’ designs. Rest assured, if you are looking for a partner with experience in mobile accessories or office cable management, we not only have the necessary experience, we probably already have unique solutions to bring to the table.





One recent example of our collaboration efforts is the REELJUICE

Portable Power Solution.


It’s difficult to find anyone who hasn’t experienced the frustration of dealing with awkward charging wires when they’re plugging in at a coffee house or throwing a charger in their bag to use later. That’s why we put our minds to work with Product Development Technologies (PDT) (Lake Zurich, IL), and Lynktec (Barrington, IL) to develop the Reeljuice™ charger - a smart charging device that incorporates a new patented cord reel technology that addresses an empty place in the market.


Reeljuice™ Charger Features:

     Multiple device charging (micro usb and lightning possible)

     Outlet to device (quick, powerful) charging

     5W total power source

     NEW integrated cord reel design

     Attractive and robust design

     2 Product variations available – 3 or 6 charge battery pack


Reeljuice Portable phone charger


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