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The Dangers of Worn Cables and How to Prevent Them with Retractable Cord Reels


Facility managers all know the potential dangers posed by worn electrical cables and rogue cords lying around. Luckily, there’s a solution. Konnectronix’s retractable cord reel solutions offer a range of options for addressing the problem of cord management with differing form factors, amperage, ingress protection and more.


On the workbench

Retractable cord reels serve a few purposes at the workspace or on the workbench. Cords are kept in the housing when not in use, keeping them away from any cutting, heating or crushing hazards.  This protects them from damage or excess wear and tear. This is also important if your facility follows Six Sigma, 5S or other efficiency best practices. Retractable cabling keeps cords off of work surfaces when not in use, and keeps these areas organized and focused on productivity without extra clutter.


While moving around the facility

Retractable cord reels are also ideal for integrating into movable work carts or workbenches. When it’s time to move around the facility, simply pull the cord to retract it back into the housing. This simple step eliminates the risk of damaged cords from being run over, wrapped in wheels or catching on doors or equipment as you move. It also eliminates the tripping hazard of dragging cords as the cart or mobile workspace is relocated.


Around the facility

Power, data and signal cables that are allowed to lay on the floor are susceptible to damage from machinery like forklifts running over cables, workers walking on top of cables and cords continuously rubbing against objects in the facility. By installing retractable cord reels, cords can be stored safely when not in use and encourage users to keep cables off the ground. Additionally, every time a cord is pulled for use from the cord reel housing, it is an opportunity for inspection, increasing the likelihood of a worn power cord being proactively removed as soon as it begins to show signs of needing replacement.


Konnectronix’s power and data cord reel solutions can help you create a safer facility. If you would like to learn more about our retractable cable reel and cord management solutions, let’s talk.




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