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Konnectronix Cord Reel Platforms Support Industry 4.0


Manufacturing has always been an industry that evolves, continually implementing innovative processes and technologies. With the rise of connectivity, automation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and more, “Industry 4.0”, or a movement toward smart factories, is constantly moving forward. In order to support this advancement, suppliers to manufacturers have to be forward-thinking in how to support the technology goals of their customers.


Konnectronix has been at the forefront of ground-breaking design and development for decades. Our retractable cord reel solutions are different from traditional cord reels, which use brushes or contacts. Konnectronix’s retractable cord reel solutions have hardwired connections, maintaining data and power continuity. When reliable, compact smart solutions matter, Konnectronix is your forward-thinking cable management partner.


Additionally, Konnectronix’s cord reel solutions can be customized with integrated sensors to monitor, count or communicate statuses or information. This, along with other customization options, makes Konnectronix cord reels the ideal solution for manufacturers who have or are planning to implement industrial automation operations.


Konnectronix has been innovating within the cord management and retractable cable reel space for more than 30 years. Our patented cord reel solutions enable customization and offer myriad features. Need help with cable management? Let’s talk.


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