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Pivoting in a Pandemic: Have a Flexible Production Setup


The Coronavirus pandemic has forced many businesses to pivot; some businesses have had to quickly re-tool production lines to deliver on the demand for goods needed by first responders while others are looking to make adjustments during reopening. In all cases, we've had to think about how to best keep employees safe and as socially-distanced as possible.


As businesses pivot for myriad reasons, it’s smart to be thinking about options for changing lines now and possibly in the future. Automation and work station flexibility are just a couple of the

considerations that should be top-of-mind. One simple way to implement safety protocol is to integrate retractable cord reels to manage data, power or signal cabling in order to quickly adjust production and assembly work spaces to adhere to social distancing guidelines and avoid what may be even more cabling on the floor,  possibly causing additional tripping hazards.


Konnectronix has also led the way in creating cord reel platforms with customizable options that are ideal for automation. By keeping flexibility in mind, manufacturing and assembly designers and engineers can be making strategic choices today to help adapt and pivot to whatever changes they face now and in the future, whether driven by a global pandemic or changes in market demands.

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Konnectronix’s cord reel platforms can be leveraged to design in flexibility, safety and adaptability to production and assembly lines. We have more than 30 years of experience in creating innovative products that can be customized to fit your exact needs.


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