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The Difference Between Waterproof and Submersible Cord Reels


Waterproof cord and cable reels are a common need for outdoor use scenarios, such as on construction sites, utility trucks, cranes, mines or outdoor entertainment venues, like restaurants or concert facilities. While there are other retractable cord reel manufacturers who have “waterproof” solutions, Konnectronix offers fully submersible solutions, which allow for continuous operation so long as the terminating ends are protected, thereby creating a much more robust product.


What is the difference between a submersible cord reel and a waterproof cord reel?

“Waterproof” cord and cable reels will have IP ratings of IP67, IP66 or IP65. Just because you see one of these IP ratings, doesn’t mean you can necessarily submerge the product; in fact, it may only be built to withstand around 15 minutes of water being sprayed at it. In the case of outdoor use, where the retractable cabling may be subjected to strong rain for hours, a “waterproof” cord reel may fail.


Some “waterproof” cord reel solutions are simply designed to fail-safe, not to keep operating while wet. Because they are made to stop operating when they encounter moisture, they do help to ensure safety. What they won‘t do, however, is continue operating safely, keeping your operations up and running. Konnectronix solutions will.


Other “waterproof’”cord reel solutions may actually be designed to continue working while wet, but are designed with integrated gaskets and seals that, over time, degrade, leading to product

failure. Konnectronix's patented solution was designed to answer the shortfalls of these commonly leveraged water damage inhibitors.


When a cord reel is the signal, power or data lifeline while working outside, it’s important to know the difference between a waterproof and submersible cord reel solution.


About Konnectronix’s robust, submersible retractable cord reel solutions

Konnectronix’s submersible cord reels feature NEMA 3R Enclosures, protecting against falling rain, dripping water, sleet, snow, and external ice formation, and are tested to UL 355 Section 52, 53, & 54, and UL746C. See below for a video of our 7INCH cord reel performing fully submerged.


If you would like to learn more about our retractable cable reel and cord management solutions, let’s talk.

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