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Proactively Addressing the Aging Workforce with Ergonomics & Safety Measures


As noted by the IndustryWeek Article, “What to do About the Aging Workforce?”, almost 25% of the manufacturing sector's workforce is 55 years old or older.

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As companies prepare to have this population, who has tremendous industry knowledge and experience, phase out of the workforce, they’re making adjustments to make the workplace as safe as possible in order to protect this precious human resource and extend their time in the field. Konnectronix’s cord reel solutions provide employers a way to have power, data and signal  cabling easily available, with flexible mounting options, including wall mount extension cord reels, allowing for placement with ergonomics in mind, all without cords posing a tripping hazard on the floor.


While there are several ways manufacturing & assembly businesses are addressing safety and prolonging the baby boomer generation’s time in the workforce, some are quite costly and disruptive. Konnectronix’s cord management and retractable cable reel solutions offer a simple, cost effective way to eliminate or reduce hazards related to reaching for power. Mounted retractable cord reels can be installed above workbenches and in assembly settings in easily accessible locations, where bending and stretching is minimized. Furthermore, the retractable cord reels keep cables off the floor, reducing tripping hazards.


Konnectronix has been innovating within the cord management and retractable cable reel space for more than 30 years. Our patented cord reel solutions enable customization and offer myriad features. Need help with cable management? Let’s talk.


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