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Ergonomics, Safety and Injury Prevention in the Workplace


An article by Darcor Castors and Wheels points out that workers in manufacturing environments can be at risk for Cumulative Trauma Disorder (CTD), a condition in which injuries are sustained over a period of time: weeks, months or years. These injuries can affect the musculoskeletal, peripheral nervous and neurovascular systems. Workers can sustain injuries in myriad settings, including during manufacturing, material handling and assembly activities.  Further, OSHA asserts that work-related musculoskeletal disorders are among the most frequently reported causes of lost or restricted work time.


Prevention of CTD requires an ergonomic approach to safety, including the reduction of awkward body positions, bending and reaching, twisting and more. There are a variety of ways that these actions can be eliminated, reduced or made safer with smart processes and tools in place. One way facilities around the globe are doing this right now are with Konnectronix’s range of retractable cord management solutions for power, data and signal. By affixing retractable cord reels to ceilings, walls, or workbenches, safety managers can make access to necessary cords ergonomically sound.


Konnectronix’s retractable cord reel platforms are offered in flush mount and bracket mount options and in cable lengths up to 25 feet, making them ideal for optimizing ergonomic workspace and facility designs. If you are interested in reimagining the ergonomic set up of your facility with premier retractable cord reel solutions, let’s talk.


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