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How to Find the Best Cord Management Solution for Outdoor Use


When looking for cable management solutions for outdoor use, there are several factors that have to be assessed. Simply finding a “waterproof” solution or finding a product that claims to be “rugged” is not enough. Below are some questions you should ask.


Is the cord management solution made to withstand a wide range in temperature?

When a cord reel or cord management product will be used outdoors, you can’t have temperature fluctuations affect operation. It’s imperative to look at the specifications related to operating temperature. For example, Konnectronix offers multiple retractable cord reel solutions that are proven to withstand -30C to 50C operating temperature, like the 7 INCH cord reel platform.


Is the cord management solution designed to work when there’s moisture or just designed to fail-safe when exposed to moisture?

As further explained in this article, just because a cord management solution is advertised as waterproof, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s made to keep operating in wet conditions. Some cord reels are designed to fail-safe, meaning they stop operating when they encounter moisture, which is a safety mechanism, but useless when you need a cable reel to work outdoors.


Will the cord management solution help to reduce the wear and tear caused by outdoor use?

Some cord management systems are very simple spools that require the user to wrap the cord around multiple times to keep it off the ground. These systems don’t protect the cables from the elements when not in use, and they’re often not used properly because it takes a bit of effort to wrap the cables. Look for a retractable cord reel solution like Konnectronix’s cord reel platforms. With a simple tug, cords are easily returned to the housing where they’re off the ground and enclosed when not in use.


Has the cord management solution been tested in the field for years?

Beware of cable management solutions that can’t be seen in the field, where they’ve been operating successfully over long periods of time. Konnectronix’s retractable cord reel solutions can be seen in many settings right now, including in PowerPost™ Electric Vehicle Charging Stations that are installed outdoors around North America.


Searching for a cable management system for outdoor use requires a bit of research to ensure you find the most appropriate solution. If you need help finding a high-quality, time-tested and well designed, rugged cord management solution, let’s talk.



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