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When Low Voltage Rules: Retractable cabling for devices needing less than 50 volts


All power needs are not created equal. The standard voltage in the United States is 120 volt, which effectively powers most standard appliances, from coffee machines to printers. Some larger commercial facilities may have a voltage of 277/480, which is needed for machinery with large motors, roof top HVAC and some florescent lighting. However, some of the vital digital and telecommunications equipment used in commercial and retail facilities needs much less than this.


Low voltage systems, on which digital technologies and communication equipment function, use 50 volts of electricity or less. There is demand for low voltage power in nearly every type of business. Applications in retail, for example, might include access control systems, point of purchase security systems, and fire alarms. Manufacturing operations may need low voltage power for automation, remote controls and receivers for wireless communication and control.


Konnectronix has low voltage retractable cord reel solutions that are ideal for retail, automation, telecommunications and sensor applications.  Our 2.5 INCH cord reel platform is a compact and versatile cord reel for low voltage power, data and signal, and allows for up to 45 inches of retractable cable length, depending on the connector size and cable construction. Our Teardrop platform and 5 INCH platform have been part of the KonnectronixTM product line for over 20 years. The Teardrop platform is perfect for data and signal applications, and the 5 INCH platform is ideal for automation, low voltage power, data, signal, telecommunication, and industrial and laboratory applications.


If you have questions or would like to talk about your low voltage retractable cabling needs, let’s talk.



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