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The New Year Cabling Checklist


As we settle in to a new year, it’s a great idea to look back on the previous year to identify things that went well and things to improve upon in the new year. It’s also a perfect time to check your entire operation for equipment that needs replacement, repair or relocation. Equipment and processes that require power, data and signal can potentially benefit from retractable cord reel solutions, driving efficiency and safety improvements.


Check all power cords for wear and tear

Cords can take a beating in the course of a year. Some may endure constant rubbing against a surface, while others may be damaged by being rolled over, tugged on or smashed. Do a close examination of the cables in your facility and replace any that show wear. Look at the plugs, the cords and all connection points for any signs of separation or wire exposure. Replace all that have any wear with retractable cord reels in order to keep the cords safely enclosed when not in use, potentially reducing the number of cables that will need to be replaced during your next inspection.


Evaluate assembly stations for opportunities for improvement

If manufacturing, assembly and testing are part of your operation, the end of the year is a good time to look at how your stations are set up and evaluate if there are changes that can be made to make workers more efficient or to further prevent the possibility for injury. Look at whether retractable cabling for data, power or signal can be mounted in a way that prevents awkward body motions. Evaluate whether changing how equipment is positioned could make processes more efficient. Make sure that work areas and production lines are free of cords laying on the ground, potentially causing a tripping hazard.


Take stock of what new operations you may begin in the new year

Perhaps growth is in your future, and perhaps you may be planning a pivot into a new market. Analyze what those changes may be and how the production areas may be designed. If new lines or work areas are being designed, consider Konnectronix retractable cord reels for power, data and signal needs. Our platforms make customization for specific needs, including cord length, number of conductors and voltage a reality.


We hope you have a successful 2021 and are happy to talk about your specific goals for the coming year and how we may help.





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